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Photo of a living room for a housing app

Our place

Our place is an iOS app that allows couples who are buying together to match properties to see what they both like. You can view house details and like or dislike them.

Prototyping Wireframing User Research Brain Storming Figma
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Photo of a desk with wireframing tools, coffee and a keyboard

Improvements Matter

This case study explains a small number of design changes that have been added to an eCommerce platform to improve the usability of the portal.

Prototyping Wireframing User Research Customer Journey InVision
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Photo of food with the Abunci UI screens


Abunci is an iOS app concept for people to find restaurants that cater for specific alergies and dietry requirements to allow restaruants to give a clear breakdown of their menu.

Prototyping Wireframing User Research Sketch InVision
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Photo of lo-fi wireframes

Death by Design

I wrote a research piece on how designing without consideration can cause devestating consequences. I created a website for this research piece and also posted it on Medium.

Writing Research UX Research HTML CSS
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During my spare time I like to illustate. I use my iPad and Procreate and Adobe Illustrator for my digital illustrations. I doodle as well but most of the time my illustrations are digital.

Illustration of girl building UI
Illustration of a gameboy and characters from Mario
Illustration of an ice cream smiling
Illustration of a slice of pizza smiling
Illustration of a pirate
Illustration of a girl building UI in an abstract style
Illustration of a tiki style mask
Illustration of a granda
Illustration of cacti smiling
Illustration of a beer smiling
Illustration of a gameboy restyled to wear trainers and as a character
Illustration of coffee and a machine, one awake and one tired